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Call : 716-323-0080   for appointments or information

Pediatric GI - Nutrition Fellowship

The Faculty of the DDNC is committed to training the future leaders in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition and to this end maintains an ACGME accredited training program.  There are a total of five fellows. The faculty is devoted to providing the best possible learning experience for fellows.  Fellows are viewed as adult learners and colleagues of the faculty.  Fellows are always supported and every effort is made to help the fellows achieve their goals.  Mentoring for clinical practice, clinical research and basic research is intense and on going.

The first year is devoted almost exclusively to clinical work.  The first year fellows perform all procedures for the practice with an attending always present.  At the conclusion of the first year fellows have completed enough procedures so that they are proficient in upper endoscopies, colonoscopies, gastrostomy tube placement, liver biopsy and performing interventions such as polypectomy, control of bleeding and foreign body removal.  Fellows are also proficient in interpretation of motility studies, pH probes, esophageal impedance monitoring, capsule endoscopy and breath testing.  The fellows learn to manage simple and complex GI and nutrition patients who are in the hospital.  Additionally the fellows learn how to perform consults.  An important part of this learning process is the ability to interact with patients, their families and all levels of medical professionals who are involved with the patient.  During the first year of fellowship fellows begin a continuity clinic that extends for the entire three years of fellowship.  In the clinic fellows learn how to assess and manage simple and complex GI, liver and nutrition problems.  Since the fellows are viewed as colleagues, each fellow has his or her own clinic schedule and the fellow manages that schedule to achieve maximum learning and efficiency.   Attendings are present in all clinics and review each patient seen by a fellow. Fellows are encouraged to develop a clinical research project in the first year that leads to a national presentation and a publication.  A nurse dedicated to research serves as a resource and faculty offer mentoring.   

The second and third years of the fellowship are devoted to research.  The fellow can elect to do basic research with Research mentors or the fellow can choose a clinical project under the mentorship of one of the GI Faculty with the help of the Clinical Research Nurses.  It is expected that the fellow will complete a substantial research project, usually culminating in a first author publication in a peer reviewed journal. The research is monitored and the fellows receive additional support through their individual scholastic Oversight Committee.

During the second and third years of fellowship, the fellows continue to manage patients in their continuity clinics and may participate in some of the more advanced GI procedures.  The fellows continue to participate in the DDNC clinical conferences.  Second and third year fellows can elect an external clinical rotation in pediatric liver transplant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

The Pediatric GI Fellowship program provides an environment in which fellows have the opportunity to become proficient in procedures and to enjoy a collegial atmosphere in their quest to learn Pediatric GI and Nutrition. The program is small enough that fellows get intense, one-on-one experience with each of the superb Pediatric GI faculty, but large enough so that every facet of Pediatric GI disease will be encountered.

Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo (soon to be the John R. Oshei Children's Hospital) is one of the oldest children’s hospitals in the United States and is loved and supported by the community it serves.  Buffalo is a regional city that is easy to live in, offering extraordinary cultural and recreational opportunities.   

The DDNC is approved by the American College of Graduate Medical Education for a three year training program in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition that will qualify those who successfully complete the program to take the American Board of Pediatrics examination in Pediatric Gastroenterology.

For information about this training program or to obtain information on application, contact:

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