Call : 716-323-0080 for appointments or information


Call : 716-323-0080   for appointments or information

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Digestive Disease and Nutrition Center
John R. Oshei Women and Children's Hospital

        High Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: 716-323-0080
Fax: 716-323-0295

Welcome to the Digestive Diseases & Nutrition Center (DDNC) at the John R. Oshei Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

The mission of the DDNC is to prevent, diagnose, and treat gastrointestinal, nutritional, hepatic and pancreatic disease in children from birth through young adulthood. All providers strive to provide the best medicine for your child and the DDNC uses evidence based medicine and national algorithms when available.

The DDNC educates fellows, residents, students, and health care providers.

To advance the understanding of gastrointestinal, nutritional, liver and pancreatic diseases in children, the faculty of the DDNC performs basic and clinical research and publishes the results of that research. Our doctors serve on national policy making committees.

The DDNC operates under the direction of Robert D. Baker, MD, PhD and Susan S. Baker, MD, PhD and includes clinical faculty, Diana Moya-Orjuela MD, Colleen Nugent MD MS, research faculty, Lixin Zhu, PhD and Wensheng Liu, PhD, nurse practitioners, Anita Crawley and Casey Wild, endoscopy nurses, Lisa Missert, Melissa Severyn and Cathy Williams, dietitians, Georgina Bojczuk and Kelly Savage, research staff, Sonja Williams and Helena McClenahan, and a nurse for phone calls, Erin Misener. Our office manager is Lori Esene and we have dedicated office staff located at Women and Children’s hospital, Amherst and Hamburg sites.

The Digestive Diseases & Nutrition Center has three office locations:

The Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, 1001 Main Street, Buffalo  14203


UB Commons, 1400-1430 Sweet Home Rd, bldg 1404-Suite 5, Amherst 14228

Southwestern Medical Park, 4535 Southwestern Blvd, Hamburg  14075

For appointment please call 716-323-0080

New patient appointments are scheduled by the primary care physician’s office. Follow up appointments can be scheduled by the parent/guardian. New patients are seen by the physicians. Follow up appointments maybe scheduled with a nurse practitioner, depending on diagnosis and appointment availability.

When testing is ordered for your child, laboratory (blood, urine, or stool) and radiology (xrays, upper GI, CT scans, MRI and ultrasound) we ask that you use the services at the Women & Children’s Hospital. This will allow our staff quick access to the results. If you choose to use an outside facility or your insurance requires you to, we ask that you have the results faxed to us (the number is on each prescription). Please be patient if you use an outside facility because there is a delay in getting results to our office. We do not routinely call parents with normal lab results but we do contact you with abnormal results.

If your child needs a procedure, one of our nurses, Cathy Williams, will contact you to schedule it. Procedures may be performed on the V4 procedure area, or in the operating room at Women and Children’s Hospital.

Office Policies:

Medication Prescriptions: Please allow at least 2 business days for prescription refills to be called in to your pharmacy. Also, please let us know at your clinic appointment if you need refills so we can write you a prescription.
Phone Calls: Every effort is made to return phone calls on the same day but because of the high volume of calls we receive, it is not always possible to do so. We will return your call as soon as possible. Any non-emergency calls received after 3:00 pm may be returned the next day. To ensure medical confidentiality we can only speak to the child’s parent or legal guardian unless we have written permission to do otherwise.
Phone Numbers: Please be sure we have a daytime phone number where we can reach you. This will make it easier for us to call you promptly.
Pregnancy: We do not provide care during pregnancy. If you, as our patient, or your child becomes pregnant we will assist you/her transition to a qualified adult gastroenterologist.
Test Results: When your child has had testing done, please allow a reasonable period of time before results are called to you.

Typically, labs take 3-7 days and x-rays can take 3-5 days, depending on the place where the testing is done.

We will not call you if the results are normal. We will discuss all results at your follow up appointment. If the

studies are not normal and something needs to be addressed before your next appointment, we will contact you.
Procedure Results: The results of procedures/biopsies will be discussed at a pre-scheduled appointment after

the procedure. We do not discuss biopsy results over the phone.
Medication Changes: For safety, medication changes are not usually made over the phone. Please schedule

an office visit.
Refill Authorizations: We are happy to refill prescriptions provided no clinic visits have been missed. For example,

if your child is scheduled to return to clinic in one month and fails to do so, we will not refill prescriptions until we have a chance to re-evaluate your child.
X-ray results: X-ray results will be discussed at your next clinic appointment, not over the phone, unless an abnormality needs to be addressed sooner.
Over the Counter Medications/Products: We do not write prescriptions for over the counter products such as diapers, Tylenol or Lactaid pills (among others).
School Excuses: Unless seen in the office that day or deemed medically necessary, we do not authorize school to be missed. We strongly encourage children to attend school and to be involved in gym and/or swim classes.
Office hours are 8:30 am until 3:30 pm. Please try to call with any questions during business hours, 716-323-0080. After 4:00 pm, if there is a medical emergency or your child is ill (with a GI associated illness) you can reach the on call physician by calling 878-7000 and asking the operator to page the GI doctor on call. Please limit the after hours calls to issues that cannot wait until the next business day.

We hope you are satisfied with the care you receive. We strive every day to improve our care. We ask that you discuss any concerns with our staff . We are pleased to be able to participate in the care of your child.Type your paragraph here.